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      Passive House

      1.About Passive House

      Passive House is a building standard that is truly energy efficient, comfortable and affordable at the same time. Ultra-energy-efficient buildings based on the passive energy saving design concepts and thermal energy calculation, and they do not rely on their own energy consumption. Using a variety of energy-saving technology to build the best building envelope to maximize the building insulation and air tightness, so that buildings’ needs on the heating and cooling would come to a minimum. To minimize or cancel the use of active mechanical heating and refrigeration systems, it uses a variety of passive building means, such as ground source heat pump, natural ventilation, natural lighting and indoor non-heating heat, etc.In addition to meet the needs of a comfortable indoor thermal and humidity environment and lighting environment, the heating and energy saving of Passive House can reach up to 90% compared to the traditional buildings; Passive house also can reach about 50% energy savings when compared to the current highest GB energy saving standard, which is 75%.

      2.The advantages of Passive House

      (1) Comfortableness - Constant Temperature20℃~26℃;Constant Humidity40%~60%;No Indoor Wind Feeling≤30db;Excellent Sound Insulation.

      (2) Healthfulness - 24 - hour indoor air fresh;C02≤1000ppm;PM2.5≤30ug/.

      (3) Economical efficiency - Annual Heat Consumption is less than 15 kWh/(m2yr);Temperature Control and Energy Saving can reach more than 90%;It can be applied by anyone and anywhere;Only increase the low additional costs by 10%-15%;when compared to the traditional buildings.

      3.The signing of Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement with PHI

      China Zhong An Peace and Darmstadt Passive Building Research Institute (PHI) signed a joint comprehensive cooperation agreement in the promotion, training, implementation, evaluation, certification on passive building. Darmstadt Passive Building Research Institute (PHI) is the world's most authoritative passive building research and certification institute. It was founded by the passive building founder Wolfgang Feist (Wolfgang Fischer) Professor in 1996 in Germany Darmshire Tate City initiated the establishment.

      4.Employ Dawid Michulec as chief passive house construction engineer

      China Zhong An Peace employed world top expert in ultra-energy saving building field, Mr. Dawid Michulec as chief construction engineer of its company. Dawid Michulec has rich design and practical experiences in passive building construction. He has designed some sample buildings in different climatic zones all over the world. Besides, he also could design the passive buildings that not only adapt to China’s climate, but also adapt to the countries that alongside the ‘Belt and Road’. Under his conduction, the China’s first passive house was constructed last year which include an administration building and an apartment. The two buildings were achieved the PHI identification.

      International Passive Building Research Institute Certifier

      International passive building (building project and construction) expert level lecturer

      Passive building designer

      5.Established passive house construction consortium

      Together with Beijing Shougang Construction Group, Construction Building and Engineering Design Institute and Austria Schoeberl and Poell Bauphysik Forschungs, China Zhong An Peace established construction consortium for passive house super-low energy consumption building construction. On the basis of introducing and absorbing Austrian technology, through project execution, China Zhong An Peace actively trained a group of local talents with designing, construction and administration abilities, achieved the integration of technology, design and construction of super low energy consumption building, figured out a series of localized technological implementation system. The Consortium is dedicated to the promotion of passive house construction technology, low-carbon eco economic development in China and overseas market.

      As the manager of the Consortium, China Zhong An Peace Engineering Management Consultancy Co., LTD systematically leads the whole work. At the same time, it is also the professional operating platform of China Zhong An Peace to carry out the Passive House subject.

      6.Passive house construction designer and counselor training programme

      In order to cultivate and reserve professional local talents of passive house, China Zhong An Peace Holding Company dedicated to carrying out the international passive house designer and counselor training programme. The trainees who attended the training and passed the final exam will be issued international passive house designer and counselor certification by (PHI) in Darmstadt. China Zhong An Peace had established a set of complete passive house construction training system.

      7. First passive house technology application and development forum held in Beijing

      China Zhong An Peace company held the first passive house technology application and development forum at Beijing swisstel on July 22th. The former chief engineer Ministry of Environmental Protection, Deputy secretary-general of the international cooperation committee on environment and development of China, nearly 70 person attended the forum.

      8. Passive building pilot project

      China Zhong An Peace and its joint members built the first passive building and apartment project in China that received Darmstadt PHI certification and online real-time energy consumption monitoring. The project is the Ministry of Housing and urban-rural development passive ultra-low energy consumption pilot project and it is also an International Science and Technology demonstration model project. The energy efficiency of the project (annual energy consumption ≤ 15 kWh / m2), comfort (in the outdoor temperature of 42 ℃ and -21 ℃, respectively, the indoor temperature remained at 22-26 ℃; outdoor PM2.5 over 900, the indoor remained below 50), have reached highest international passive ultra-low energy consumption construction level. It also awarded the Austrian national five-star green building award, which is the first time the Austrian government issued this award abroad, at same time; it won the German Darmstadt Special International Passive Building Physics Institute certification.

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